October 12, 2022
Mandel Communications


Websites with a lot of technical SEO debt often struggle to rank in search engine results because Google cannot properly crawl and index their web pages. Our client’s website was plagued with a variety of technical SEO issues such as poor navigation, missing canonical tags, and duplicate URLs that were causing keyword cannibalization. Add in un-optimized web pages alongside these fatal technical issues, and our client’s web pages had very little chance to rank in top positions for relevant keywords in their industry.


The highest priority for the Nubrand team was to immediately resolve the technical SEO issues that were preventing our client from seeing organic success. Our technical SEO team ran a thorough site audit to identify high-priority issues and started resolving them at both the page and domain level.

Meanwhile, our editorial team got to work creating supplemental content to add to our client’s website. With over 34 pieces of additional content optimized for relevant keywords in their industry, our client would have far more opportunities to rank in organic search results, reach new customers, and expand their market share.

Because our client chose a managed SEO plan, we were also able to supplement our on-page SEO efforts with essential off-page strategies. The Nubrand team leveraged our high-quality link building services to increase our client’s off-page authority signals. With 34 new pieces of high-quality content to pitch to topically-relevant publications, our outreach team secured 14 backlinks with contextually relevant anchor text on high quality websites.

We knew these backlinks would help increase our client’s authority in the eyes of Google and as a result, the overall ranking potential of all of the web pages on their domain.


Because our team prioritized resolving our client’s technical problems, results came quickly as search engine crawlers had an easier time finding and indexing relevant pages.