Content Marketing

Powerful, Intent-Based Content

Our written content creation focuses on additions/edits to existing home pages and appropriate service pages, as well as blog article uploads. We support in uploading blog articles written by our clients, and optimizing said article pages for meta titles/descriptions, headers, and keyword instancing.

Page edits

Existing website pages (generally the home and service/product pages) are evaluated based on search intent, keyword instancing and word count. Competitors are also analyzed to identify additional improvement opportunities.

Page additions

Sometimes multiple keyword themes covered in a single page can be stratified into additional pages that will be more fine-tuned for a specific high-value keyword. Businesses wanting to focus on specific location targets can have their websites expanded with pages written with said specific locations in mind.

Blog articles

Monthly blog articles are written and uploaded as an additional avenue to expand reach while including keyword instancing. Blog articles also create opportunities to instance higher-funnel keyword choices and backlink building.